What are you inherently terrible at but wished you could do well?

I'm a terrible singer. I wished I could be great and I've tried. There'd probably be people who'd pay me to stop. Nowadays, I leave my talents for my car commute to work. If only there were grammy awards for lip syncing...

I sometimes wish there were classes about hugging pizza boxes...Pretty hard to wrap your body around....I wish.

drawing i accually play very non good chess but people say i am better than my rating

Being a son billionaire, I know I could do well if my parents filthy rich

#1On the contrary, when I was reading, our biology teacher heard my song and said, "I have a beautiful voice ... Maybe I'm awful at being calm, because I're so energetic that some people call me hyperactive."🥺

I am an excellent mathematician but i wish I could play better chess. My field of expertise is the theory of equations and their solution by radicals. If an equation has a solution by radicals you must have no doubt that I can find one, but I cannot solve even a mate in 3 problem without spending hours looking at it. What so you think is the cause of this? I think it's because I can't retain even a simple pattern in memory.