Things are not always what they seem...

If you check the physical proportions of Mickey Mouse,(tail/body proportion..ear-size/head-size ratio etc.), you are forced to admit that,in fact,Mickey is a rat.
Donald is never a female Donald Duck is also a misnomer.
As a consequence of these revelations,I am raising a petition to be presented to the Disney Corporation demanding that forthwith,the entertainers formerly known as "Mickey Mouse" and "Donald Duck" be known as "Mickey Rat"and "Donald Drake" consecutively.

I agree with you. But Disney would never change their names, because the names are known everywhere around the world.

@bunyip: I disagree with the premise that Mickey must be a rat. He is clearly a ROUS, albeit much more civilized than his Fire Swamp contemporaries.

Poor Mickey...It seems he was in divorce court with Mini Mouse-(Rat) ...and the judge said to Mickey "I can't grant you a divorce because you say Mini is f**king crazy" Mickey said "Ah gee judge...I didn't say she was f**king crazy... I said she was f**king Goofy." :]

Will our old favorite Lichess member PresidentDonaldDuck have to change to PresidentDonaldDrake ? :] I like the Donald...He inspired me to learn the B/N/King Mate. In an old thread. :]
@Bishop1964 That Mouse is messed up!

Unprepared for the storm of controversy my innocently-intended post generated,I have consulted with a close associate of mine from days gone by who spent some time in close contact with creatures of various kinds.He was an assistant-in-training at a contract organisation, Hoffa Pest Extermination Enterprises .Maybe some of you are familiar with that company.
He considered that Mickey is a rat,based on his sometimes close proximity to rats,but he confided that comparative anatomy was not his strong suit if the anatomy was still all in one piece.
I can only consult with him once a month for 10 minutes at a time for the next 18 years,so pls be patient re further information he may or may not be able to provide.
He was,however,adamant on the matter of duck/drake.
And he hates Disney 'cause of Bambi's mother.Says (and I quote verbatim) "if deez bums ever spring me from dis joint I gonna fix dat bum Disney but good!!"