Spill less drinkwares (without lids)

Ever wondered why we accidentally splash a drink onto a table?

I think it all depends on the way we grip the drink-ware.

This morning I drank my first cup of coffee without a spill, but the second serving I spilled some coffee on the desk.
The mugs did not have the same size of handles. My hand sometimes tremors when I grab a mug by the handle. My fingers need to be snug against the mug to not have it splash over. Even when there are ¾ full.

Why do you think it happens more often with one type of design compared to another type of drinkware (without lids) ?

Maybe the rim diameter plays a part..for instance,a cup with diameter 7cm would be less likely to be subject to wave-formation than a cup of 14cm .

The depth of the liquid in the mug seems to make a difference too.
It seems harder to make the same size splash out of the mug, with a mug that contains less fluid.

If both mugs have the same diameter, but one is taller than the other and we fill them both ¾ fulls.... which would splash more?

Just a quick side note: while walking with a cup or a bowl containing liquids you're very likely not to spill them while walking, but rather when deposing it on a table. This is due to your unattention in that moment, thinking you have reached your destination successfully. A very interesting phenomenon to observe.


Except after you have assimilated numerous efficacious alcoholic beverages...then the converse is true.
Actually reaching the table becomes tenuously hypothetical.

Some times of the day you are very tired ,so mistakes might happen.

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