This forum is all about riddles that we know, and want to share then here. Here is one.

You and 3 of your friends are at the top of a tall mountain. There is a long bridge right in front of you that leads to the mainland.
But there are some problems.

1. You and your friends should reach the other side of the bridge in 17 exact minutes, or the bridge will collapse.

2a. You take 1 minute to cross the bridge.
2b. Your 1st friend, Mike, takes 2 minutes.
2c. Your 2nd friend, Anna, takes 5 minutes.
2d. Your 3rd friend, Josh, takes 10 minutes.

3. The bridge can only carry 1 or 2 people at a time.

4. The night is very dark, and if one of you is not careful, you might step on a broken plank and fall down the bridge. But you have a Lantern that all of you can see in the dark, but you can't reach the other side of the bridge without it. (For example, if you crossed the bridge with Mike and the Lantern, Anna and Josh can't cross the bridge because they don't have the Lantern.)

How will you reach the other side of the bridge in time?

it's probably 17 minutes since nobody could dash across a bridge in just 1 second.

Yeah, I am thinking about that too, but just to double-check with Elinora

Why do people think other religions are absurd, yet their's are completely true?

Since 'I' only take 1 minute to cross the bridge I should be the one to cross with the others and return back for the second trip but if I am walking with Josh for eg, does that mean that I'll leave him behind since I'm walking faster than him or will I have to slow down to his pace? @elinora12345

If you are walking with him because he takes 10 mins, even though you take 1 min, it will take 10 mins