I have one riddle

A box which has 32 pearls in it .

Heavens to Betsy! She duplicated another forum topic? She must be the only one to have ever done that in the history of lichess! She clearly did so with malicious intent, trying to launch a coup in order to take over the Off-Topic forum, which she could then hold hostage until the admins paid her millions of dollars. Thank god that we have watchdogs here to inform everyone that another thread that was last posted in two weeks ago exists, and thereby thwart this evil scheme.

@Vertonghen is only upset 'cause the previous riddles thread was done by...guess who?
(that's my riddle..pretty easy,I reckon).

@Vertonghen Sorry but I didn't even know there was another forum like that! You can't search for forums in the off-topic section, so how would I need to know? Let's say that you made the forum "Riddles". How would you know that someone else made another one before you? So stop calling whoever you find copycats because they didn't even know there was a forum like that!