OP down votes he admitting that what he does deserves his own down vote?

#11 OP is writing about something, but some guys don't understand her words and they want to disturb her, that's why she disliked their comments.

#12 OP is writing some sentimental hog wash that no one understands,just herself,and thinks she is the cleverest person in the world.
useless thread.

@Caarlsenisback Someone else wrote for OP that she is the cleverest person and if you think this thread is useless, just go away from this thread.
People come on my threads without invitation !!

Nah she's just writing some bullshit copied from internet that even she doesnt understand

@Searchingyou Ohhh.....Maybe u shouuld quit lichess because people CAN come to forums without invitation.If i wanted to share a game in lichess through forum,how could I invite the WHOLE lichess community?
Just make a team and make forums there for heaven's sake!

I understand everything whatever i'm writing.... what is your problem if i write anything ? You can leave this thread, no need your silly words on this beautiful thread.

oh i love beautiful thing
i am not loving this thread
what does that tell you??

"Beautiful thread"
=>I doubt that.
"What is my problem"
=>You making useless threads.
"Silly words"
=> u think they are,doesnt mean they are.
"For me, you were the book.... and still i'm reading you....."
=>Just as I said.THIS IS NONSENSE.