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I like quotes so i'll write and people start argument here not me.... you can read all comments, i was polite all time in this thread when people started personal attack on me, my language was balanced... if some people didn't like this thread, why they spoiled this one? They should ignore those threads they don't like but this is not an issue, actual reason is that they are same people who are insulting others... that's why i requested to mods to read this thread. Some members are showing their rudeness, they can't write anything good but when i creat any thread, they say "spam" because it is their work to spoil forums.

I am saying that because it is considered “spamming” on lichess, but it’s anyway up to you.
You just might have a huge risk of getting banned by lichess, which I’m sure you don’t want.
And also what I said was just a suggestion for your benefit. :)


Your mean if i creat a thread in off topic which is not related with chess, is it called "Spamming" ?

I didn't write anything bad and i didn't insult anyone, i wrote some good quotes and if Lichess ban my account for creating threads in off topic, i'm not guilty for this because i know i'm 100% right here... and now it is duty of Lichess to control those "trolls" who are insulting others.

Actually what I meant is that if you created a thread in off topic which has just a quote, it is called “spamming” and resembles the spam WhatsApp “good morning” messages, which is deleted by the person it is sent to.


Do you know the meaning of "Spamming" ? First check its meaning, to creat a thread or to share thoughts isn't called spamming. If i write a quote in the forums, that is not spamming according rules. But if other people continue write same thing in my threads only to make me upset, that is "spamming" and "trolling"....
And that becomes a ground to report them.

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