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  3. Propose a New Chess Rule

As chess players; We all love rules; the more the merrier come the New Year!

1. If a King occupies at least once all 64 squares, the game is declared a draw.
2. Once a player promotes to a 3rd. Queen, he must mate in <10 moves or the game is declared a draw.
3. If all pieces are captured and all pawns remain on the board, the game is declared a draw.
4. If a player misses a mate in 1, the opposing player can declare a draw, but only before his next move is played.
5. If a player is discovered to be a hiding captured piece, out of view from an opponent, the piece may be dropped in play on any open square come the players next move.
6. ...

That's hilarious :D. Especially the last zh one, well done :D.

Promote to Rook, knight, bishop, queen, queen, bishop, knight, rook depending on the column.

To 2.

Not sure if Black could manage a #10 after 50. ... g2-g1Q

7. A player is allowed to pass, not moving any pieces. If both players pass consecutively, the game ends in a draw. This eliminates the stalemate condition, as well as zugzwang and waiting move tactics.

8. Evil Royals: when the King is in check, he may move onto a friendly piece by switching places with that piece. The Queen may move onto a friendly piece at any time by sacrificing that piece and taking its place.

9. Pawns may now move backwards one square at a time. As a child it always bothered me that pawns are totally committed to their moves. If a pawn moves back to the first rank it is eliminated from the board.

10. Purely aesthetic change: Each side uses pawns of the opposite color. White uses black pawns, and Black uses white pawns. This reflects the duality of inner and outer natures, the yin-yang theory of the world.

Clarification to rule 8.: The King may only swap places with the bishop along the diagonal. This ensures that the bishop will never change color.

Call this variant Dolphine Chess.

0.75 point for stalemate would enrich the game.

For whom? There was a time in England where the „stalemated“ won...

11. Pawns may promote to a king. If a player has more than one king, all kings must be checkmated before victory can be claimed.

The "topic" has turned more to variants of chess. I was thinking more along the lines of "new rules" while keeping the basic format/structure intact.

Example: Some are saying all draw offers should be disallowed (Levon Aronian recently) so I was thinking of more rules enabling draws to be declared! :-D

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