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Black bomb, black bomb, have you any nukes?
Yes lord, yes lord, 3 bombs full.
One for America and one for Japan, and one for the little one who lives in cold Iceland!

Kim jong un sings this to himself before going to sleep:)

The war between America and North Korea could end when we give Kim jong a Disneyland pass.

Jong-un "King is me dancing with Queen "Group for Pleasure"."

If Kim Kardashian married Kim jong un, her name would be Kim jong un

"Tensions continue to mount in this North Korea situation. The U.S. has moved a Navy warship off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. Is that going to scare the North Koreans? If you really want to scare them, don't send a warship. Send a Carnival cruise ship."

"I can't believe it's not butter!" -Your favorite man.

Imagine a person living in North Korea who is reading this...

What Kim Jong Un sings every night:

Hello, hello, everyone,
It is time I tell you stuff
How I love you so so much
It is obviously not propaganda
(In the tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

Make it more epic: