Post your best Kim jong un jokes here

No it wouldn't. Kim is a surname in Korea.She would be Kim Kim.

@bunyip normally wrecking a joke with facts is frowned upon, but kim kim is pretty funny.

With full attribution to @h2b2 ...

If Kim Kardashian married Kim jong un and retained her maiden name in her married name,her new initials would be K.K.K.

@AnatolijKasparov A bot can chat on the forum because the bot owner chats. The only difference is that a bot automatically plays a game and the owner watches.

The bot who started this conversation closed his/her account. Which means that the bot is from North Korea...

You can make jokes but North Koreans shouldn't be offended, because they have strong country with nuclear weapon, one of ten largest armies and crime almost don't exist ! So let's make more jokes on their funny dictator...