Little-known facts about famous people

Two of King Henry V111's wives were excellent chefs,and their names to this day are associated with popular herbs and spices.
Anne of Cloves...and Catherine of Tarragon.

Speaking of historical women, little known facts, cooking, and people named Catherine, Catherine de Medici was the one who introduced the concept of fine dining to France.

England, meanwhile, is still trying to figure the whole "fine dining" thing out, of course

Allow me to point out to you in the most respectful way that your denigration of English culinary sophistication is ,to put it mildly,a crock.
I assume that,like most Americans,you say English when you actually mean British.
Consider,if you will,that pinnacle of fine dining marvels....the deep-fried Mars Bar.

On July 4, 1776, King George III wrote in his journal, "Nothing of importance happened today."

He was right..a mob of pesky disgruntled peasants decided to do it their way.

Mars bars are from Mars, Pennsylvania (which is actually around 15 minutes away from where I was born). Strangely, I can't seem to find them in the States, which has lead to an underground, multinational candy bar exchange. Increasing the irony of the situation is that I have to purchase Milka bars in this exchange (there is also a German who buys Malteasers).
Also (excuse my ignorance) I thought that English was a subset of British?
Totally did not know you could deep-fry a Mars Bar. New life goal.