Little-known facts about famous people

"British" is the way the English refer to anyone they can't quite control...such as the Irish and the Scots...not forgetting the Picts,Driuds,and Liverpool football fans when their team gets beaten.

The deep fried Mars Bar needs to be liberally encased in a robust batter,otherwise it just melts and basically disappears from the universe.
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Prior to the battle of the Alamo, Jim Bowie somehow managed to have a cannon dropped on him.

In reply to #11: Curse my american lack of understanding! Why must I be afflicted with it?!
Also, the German is necessary for the operation, or else the Reese's don't get to Italy.

During the battle of the Alamo Jim Bowie somehow managed to have half the Mexican army fall on him.
He shoulda quit while he was ahead,IMO.

To be fair, he kind of had tuberculosis. And had ordered the Texans to leave beforehand.
However, since he had a cannon fall on him, and we all know that cannon-related injuries cause past versions of oneself to lose intelligence, he was replaced as commander (I think it was Travis).

Modern medicine treats cannon-related trauma as routine these days,but back then it could mean many hours in out-patient care.

In fact, Steinitz himself originated hyperbullet chess. His peers suffered miserably in the thorough contemplation of classical chess. Steinitz knew there had to be a simpler way. "I forsee," he wrote in his memoirs, "an age of no such thoughts of correctness or grandeur. Too many a master worn weary in troublesome calculation; the growth of their prominent beards outpacing their own pieces. It has sickened me into revelatory invention. This new chess will be shallow and fast; an ideal companion to the culture of our modern digital age."

Not many people realise that a well-known actress from the mid-20th century was,in fact,a pioneering scientist in the then-emerging field of particle physics.
It was,of course,Tippi Hadron.

(google the film "The Birds")

Does anyone know what Bobby Fischer and Wilhelm Steinitz have in common with the cartoon character "The coyote" from the cartoon series "Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner" ?

Nothing..but I sense you are going to attempt it.

German humour is renowned for it's cutting-edge gritty thrust.