Is Trump finally going down or do we have to suffer much longer?


For a trump supporter, it's peak hypocrisy and entitlement to ask for proof of something before coming to a conclusion. You had compromised that integrity of yours several times in your answers. This should be the last engagement I have with noticeable hypocrites. And the fact that you support drumpf past his many unconscionable actions speak highly of how you'll take real damaging evidence presented to you against him and his associates(most of them are in jail, fyi), just so you can make your temporary highs in business at the cost of trashing the long term future, but anyways, here is a good chunk of instances you can fact check yourself! Good luck(lol).

"The racist idea of demographic replacement – whereby white Americans are steadily replaced by non-whites to the detriment of the US – is present in an email sent by Miller to McHugh on 1 July 2015, with the subject heading “some articles you may find useful”."
The email features several links with short comments on immigrants by Miller, who highlights aspects of the linked material that resonate with his agenda. For example, Miller links to a CityLab article about the challenges facing schools teaching English to immigrant children with the comment: “Major metro areas get most population growth from immigrants.”

Miller then links to a Brookings Institution report on America’s increasing diversity with the comment: “White youth population disappearing.”

According to McHugh, who was fired by Breitbart over anti-Muslim tweets and has now renounced the far right, the emails typified Miller’s attitudes and those of many in the far-right milieu he inhabited.

“They viewed immigration as a plot to undermine American sovereignty,” McHugh told the Guardian. “He wanted refugee resettlement cut to zero and an end to legal immigration.

“Much of the far right thinks this way.”

In other emails, Miller expresses antipathy for specific non-white immigrant communities.

On 8 July 2015, Miller sent McHugh a local news video alleging the involvement of Somali refugees in an underage prostitution ring, remarking: “Looks like this is from a couple years ago, but good to have on hand.”

McHugh responded: “At some point it would be great to write a big round up of Somali crimes – after asking local officials the specific benefits their diversity provides us with?”

Miller responded:“Exactly.”

He then linked to a piece from Real Clear Politics arguing that stalled social mobility is related to “importing millions of low skill immigrants” from Latin America.

Later the same day, Miller sent McHugh a report by the American Immigration Council, which showed that immigrants commit fewer serious crimes than native-born citizens. McHugh responded: “I’m guessing they lump El Salvador MS-13 gang members with Canadian neurosurgeons.”

Miller replied: “Of course.”

Miller also revealed a hostility towards Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to promote immigration reform, via the lobbying group FWD.US.

McHugh told the Guardian that Facebook and other tech companies were the subject of special ire from Miller due to perceived “anti-conservative bias” and support for policies like the H-1B visa program, which allows US companies to hire foreign nationals in specialized occupations.

On 2 June 2015, from a government email address identifying him as a staffer for then senator Jeff Sessions, Miller sent a long brief, pushing back on a speech by the FWD.US president, Todd Schulte.

Miller sent excerpts from the speech, with key phrases bolded, highlighting Schulte’s desire for “citizenship for the undocumented” and his advocacy for “people who are unskilled to come here” along with skilled migrants.

Arguing that “immigrants, as a share of national population, are set to eclipse every prior watermark in 7 years”, Miller cited research from the Harvard economist George Borjas, who has also appeared at events organized by the Center for Immigration Studies, an anti-immigrant thinktank.

“Providing citizenship to illegal immigrants,” he concluded, “further increases low-wage labor flows as illegal immigrants granted green cards and citizenship can petition for their relatives to join them.”

He also emailed McHugh – while a White House aide – with unfounded claims that FWD.US supported undocumented immigrants voting.

In response to an earlier story about Miller’s emails to McHugh, which also contained themes of white nationalism and anti-immigration fears, the White House said the SPLC was a “far-left smear organization”, adding that “they libel, slander, and defame conservatives for a living”.

And to MAGAs reading mindlessly without critical thought: This is your daily reminder to bigly go and F yourselves 💩.


What about that is racist? He is factually correct about the stuff he writes. If this is your standard for racism, then everyone is racist, since people naturally do promote their own kind, live with their own kind, and defend their own kind.

Chinatown must be entirely racist then, according to you, since those Chinese want to live only with their own kind. Every CNN black correspondent must be hugely racist, since all they ever talk about is white crime, and how bad white people are.

Racism is a very specific belief that one race is better than the other, AND one would then have to act upon it to fire or deny promotion to a person of that race. You see, every race thinks they are the best, Italians have a t-shirt: “kiss me, I’m Italian”, clearly they think they are sexier and better looking than members of another race, but is that racist? By your standard it must be racist! A Russian person wanting to live in a Russian community in New York? Must be racist according to you. A black activist pointing out white on black crime, but not black on white crime, must also be racist according to you! So then EVERYONE is racist...

It seems from those quotes Mr. Miller is simply looking out for HIS kind of people, and wants them represented, since whites are being attacked in the main stream media.

He is right about immigration too. It should be merit based. Canada has such a system, Canada must be racist according to you also then!

I should note that personal insults and cursing are against the rules of this forum. Don’t get banned! Let’s debate like civilized human beings.

All the best to you!

Why on earth are we so politically active on a chess site


Not surprised at all! Pure gas-lighting(failed) tactic on your part trying to make it everyone's thing, when posed with severe documented proof of a person's racist conduct. Only racists(which probably exist in a lot of sects, but NOT ALL are) or Nazis are capable of being that evil in their view of society, and unfortunately you share a lot of that mindset. You're miller's apologist. You're just probably a covert alt right guy who also has a sad life trolling peaceful people. No better than any other MAGA m rons out there. As you sow, you shall reap. Reaping's gonna happen soon, and it looks harsher harsher by the days as you idiots lose your conscience.

Just leaving this little piece of that same excerpt to uncover your cover up of what was shown!
“They viewed immigration as a plot to undermine American sovereignty,” McHugh told the Guardian. “He wanted refugee resettlement cut to zero and an end to LEGAL immigration.

“Much of the far right thinks this way.”
You are a lying hypocrite, so you too, can go and bigly F yourself 💩

This thread reminds me of grade-school arguments over whose daddy is strongest and whose mommy is prettiest.

A heated debate is fine but when temperatures rise and people slip into name-calling and mudslinging, they are polluting the well we all drink from and should remember being part of a community, even a virtual one, requires a modicum of self-control and civility when challenging circumstances arise. It's usually healthier to "agree to disagree" by this point and walk away from a lose-lose proposition.

Just sayin'. ;D


Be careful with the F words and cursing, you may get banned. Take it easy my friend.

It’s totally fine for someone to believe all immigration needs to stop into US. It’s a difference of opinion, it doesn’t make you right and Steven Miller wrong. It means you think one way and he thinks another way. There is no need for name calling and foaming at the mouth.


Just a quick question: Anyone else with me in the "Trump isn't a good president, but has done nothing to warrant impeachment" train? Or am I fighting a one man logos battle on the internet.


Trump’s approval is higher than Obama’s was. If you watch main stream media propaganda garbage, then yes, Trump is devil and everyone hates him and he is about to go to prison any minute now, but in real life nothing is happening, and economy is doing great.

Same thing happened with Obama, Republicans screamed to impeach him every day, it’s just stupid circus Politicians do, because they are lying scum. Ignore it.