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  3. How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

I masturbate a lot. What about you?

@TheBigDecline Only on Valentine's Day? ;-)

Although I've never been aware of the date at which any valentine's day took place during my lifetime (the idea just never took off with me i suppose), i can with a high degree of confidence say that i also masturbate a lot on valentine's day.
One might even maintain, with regards to this, that every day is valentine's day with me

@WildeWildsau Of course! For the rest of the year I live the life of a monk!

@SHouseVive Eh, one could say it helps to prevent prostate cancer, so it's a healthy habit, I suppose.

I invited a woman over this evening and will spend the day mentally preparing myself for rejection.
I hope she doesn't vomit on the flowers I intend to get. lol
Gotta remember to remove all obstructions between couch and door, so she doesn't trip on anything while making an escape!
Wish me luck! :D

@TheBigDecline thank you.
@the_real_noname i'm so glad to not be you. words fail me

LOL was not expecting that #1. Well played sir.


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