Grover Cleveland

As many of you know, I am developing a Rock Opera about Grover Cleveland. However, I have hit writer's block.
Does anyone know of any songworthy events of Cleveland's presidency and/or personal life?
I already have composed an intro song and one regarding the panic of 1893.
Appreciate the help

Most presidents' terms are consecutive
But I was one wild chief executive

Till 1889 I was commander in chief
Then for four years I turned a different leaf

By 1893 I was back for more
Becoming presidents 22 and 24

Common folk look up to lawyers and politicians as pillars of decent society,in that both professions epitomise honesty and truthfulness.This should be central to your plot-line,since Cleveland was both.
His second term saw the occurrence of an economy collapse,which he personally survived in a financial sense,then left it to his successor to sort the mess out.This alone shows how far ahead of his time he might even say he was an innovator,since this political methodology is now standard political practice world-wide.
I have much more I can help you with in this regard,so feel free to ask my help at any time.

@Chuck_Fess: Nice. I'm impressed with the rhyming. The only problem is that I have to stretch this out for an entire performance (maybe at the end, it could work).
Interesting. I had never really considered Cleveland to have been an innovator in regards to the whole"The next guy can clean up my mess." I, like most people, I assume, have always associated this with the 15th president of the United States, James Buchannan. However, after thinking about this, Cleveland kind of perfected this technique.
As to the panic itself, I already have a song for that.

Most,if not all,Presidents have at some point been referred to as Muppets (or the era equivalent),but only one has ever had a Muppet named after them.
This fact may explain why he stands so tall in the pantheon of American leaders...every American child knows the name Grover from the age of two...even earlier in the case of the gifted child.

He got secret surgery for his palate, on a boat, with one of the first uses of anesthesia. When A G Bell demonstrated the first telephone to him, he said, 'very clever device, but who would want one?' His connections to the 1877 Haymarket riots are remarkable. He was rotund, but nowhere near the size of Taft, who had to use a special made over size bath tub.

Well spotted..he off-the-record continued "I can think of three,including me.Who the hell wants or needs a personal communication device sitting in front of them all day??"

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