free internet is a nuisance and helps criminals

@Morozov "I still think that making a captcha a mate in 3"

While it may, or may not, stop some people you don't care to read, it would definitely stop new people to chess from asking questions. Wouldn't be a very good thing to do would it?

crap is getting deep put you're boots on.

@OneDummHikk It is not about what I care to read or not, its about quality control. Besides there is actually not that much that new players need to ask about that has not been brought up before. So yes it would be a great thing IMO.

Wrong forum, so I suggest that we ban @Morozov (I'm assuming based on post #31) just for not being smart enough to start a new thread.
I prefer that new people ask the questions, as that's a good way to learn.
I suggest that we custom the captcha to show a missed a tactic from their own game. While you're doing that, have the site change the background picture to reflect my mood at that exact moment.

But do beginners really learn, or is it just sendin the naive to the chess books and videos moneybags?

@Subomega I think I give helpful advice, especially when asked to comment on a game. Unless they specifically ask for a book/video recommendation, I don't offer any. Every website that I metion is, as far as I can tell, adless. I understand that the easy answer is always a link to someone else's work.

After reading through this entire forum thread I will say this. I was a long time premium member of and; then I came across this site. Over all available options, lessons, puzzles and videos I personally deem the best and I am proud to be a patron and buy Lichess merchandise. Any site is going to have cheaters and any site is going to have its bugs and specific problems to resolve. I am thankful that Lichess has no annoying ads, gives more options of board theming etc. It is correct in a sense that Lichess or anything on the internet is truly free, yet at least Lichess gives to the masses in open source and content upon relying on donations and patrons which I happen to think is great. I hope everyone has a great day, night, evening, etc wherever you are in the world. Thanks for reading.

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