Anybody here who doesn't have a chess set and play exclusively online ?

Anand said in an interview that he‘s got no board at home. I got some nice ones but I rarely use them.

Those are the days!

I often read about tournaments in third world countries, where players must bring their own chess clocks and also sometimes their own chess boards / pieces. So these players should own a chess set.

I have three sets, one very small for travelling and two tournament size. But rarely used in the last couple of years.

#1 """I don't currently own a chess set, although i plan to get one eventually, anyone here like me ?"""
Yes i like you, i do not know you, but your ancestors build the incredible pyramids.
Ehm, english is not my first language, yes i own some chess sets, so i am not like you ;-)

@kettwiesel lol :D :D :D
i like you too :)

i should have worded it "anybody like this" or "anybody in the same situation", or "anyone in similar situation" :P

I have two glass sets but the vast majority of my games are online. I can't believe Anand doesn't own a chess set!

I use tournament set for all my training and practice. Looking at the screen makes me tired very fast, it's more than enough during my work hours, I don't want a hobby which will make me look into the screen even more.

On the other hand, I can spend hours in front of real board and not get tired. There is an estetic experience to that, as well as the feeling that you are playing an ancient game.

Also, my goal is to participate to OTB tournaments, so I need to practice 3D visualization. For that reason I also use chess clock during my training sessions.

I don't know about Anand, but Carlsen also said that he never uses real board for training, only his laptop. He uses real board only in a club when playing or analysing with other players. But I am sure that's not the way he started, or trained while he was trained by Kasparov :)

I don’t own a board. I intend to get one soon. The web’s been playing a big role in my training recently

@Onyx_Chess - #9 I've been thinking all along, that you liked chess sets and boards made out of "Onyx" ...That it was an inspiration for your user name. :]

Not a bad idea. Maybe I'll put that on my wishlist for a birthday present this year.
I wouldn't mind one.

My uncle has a marble board that sits on a marble stand.
The pieces are solid marble and stand about 10" tall.

The first time I saw it I tried to choke back tears as I fumbled out the words, "They should have sent a poet."

To have one made of onyx would be wild.

Ah I wish I had a beautiful set. Haven't played OTB in years now. I am also disappointed that Anand doesn't own one. And for non-professionals, I also think there are some experiences which can only be brought by the set.

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