Any anime fans ?

@BlitzWizard94 said in #20:
> my favorite anime is mirai nikki, i really recommend it but be warned guys
> its also known as future diary and yeah just 25 episodes, finished in one night
> it was very fun and really made me cry, its such a beautiful one with yuno
Thanks for the recommendaion I will start watching it after I complete Attack On Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen

@shonokiri said in #18:
> Well, this was basically me few years ago. Extremely biased and somehow almost prideful of my views. It was only after I discovered some really good shows that broke through all the stereotypes that you mentioned that I changed what I thought. I wouldn't consider myself an 'anime fan'. At the end of the day, anime are just another medium of story telling. Like movies, comics etc. If you're going to completely reject them because of the way your (presumably) stupid friends behave, then you aren't that far from them either. Many anime don't have annoying voice actors, any 'fan-service' or geared towards teens. A simple google search or an MAL filter is enough to find shows like that. But nah, let's rant about some weeb turned friends.
> Edit : Unlike most other people here, I'll give you some credit for actually listing your reasons. But again, they are biased (probably cause of your weeb mates) and not entirely true. There's not a lot of fundamental difference between hating and loving something. You just need to be balanced. Hope you get my point :)

TIL, For every Cowboy Bebop or Princess Mononoke, there’s ten awful harem anime. ;)

@anvay_chess said in #22:
> Thanks for the recommendaion I will start watching it after I complete Attack On Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen
ITS SUCH A GOOD ONE BUT BE CAREFUL SINCE it can be realistic at times so uh yeah but its so good

#1 i love anime i dont understand why people hate it i mean the fandoms are kinda weird but like yea dont look at those

no hate pleaseee im tired

(i like mha, bna, and tpn)

I like Anime ,i mean every single anime i like it.But if the anime is ugly or something like not the one i like, i doesn't like it .
but i'm just love to see anime the anime story .But i don't like to draw or fashion like Anime , go and buy anime item.No i'm just like to watcing the story and i like it.My sister really2 like anime, draw it,and much more . he is the anime good fan.

I mean, anime fans and chess fans are pretty similar when you break it down

Not saying its a bad thing but yeah

Most of the people I know love anime
But I am not a fan, cuz I haven't seen anime
I have seen Dragon Ball Z 4 times is it anime?