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  3. wtf is this i want my rating back
i lost on time my opponent only had a bishop

I believe that you never ever will lose this position, but black can theoretically win. So you lost on time, the same would happen otb in a real tournament game (outside the US!)
At least in your game a mate was possible. Even worse is that I premoved, yet the computer didn't play it in time.

I also played Nd8 in my case, but i was playing with 1 second like a few moves. Worse in your case you can never be mated at all. In my case although it cant happen, theorethically if my king goes to h8 and his king is on f8 my pawn remains on h7 and bishop checks on long diagonal safely even if my knight can block the check i can be mated.

jonesmh mate was possible in your game too...

If a pawn remains a knight can be created, not only a queen.

Yes, if jonesmh promotes his pawn to bishop or knight then he can be mated in one of the black corners.
A loss on time is a loss except when the opponent cannot mate by any series of legal moves. That is the FIDE Laws of Chess.
To avoid this kind of situation, play with increment.

@jonesmh Ouch... that's unfortunate the premove wasn't accepted.

I agree that playing with even a +1 increment helps avoid time losses against K+P, K+N, K+B, etc.

If there were justice in the world, you would get your points back.

If there were justice in the world, players would spend more time helping the needy and less time measuring their ratings.