Wrong match result

Nice example @Sarg0n!
Now I understand what you mean. ( I missed that move 8 when I looked at the game :D)
Black can't win! And since this outcome is 100% sure to happen, he should not be considered a winner in any circumstances.

Too bad the rules don't care for this complex scenarios..

#7 Thanks for the feedback. What about an opponent who cheated - if they resign surely I should win? How can I know whether my opponent hasn't cheated?

There are ways even in FIDE rules were full points are awarded even with insufficient material. I.e if one of the players are caught cheating they lose no matter the position.

When you cheat, chess rules can't be applied anymore to decide a winner, because the current board position doesn't reflect a valid result.

Therefore, the fact that the cheater loses, is not decided by the actual game's rules; It's more like an organisational rule.

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