Whats the point of having 15- minutes games, when I cannot dissapear for a minute?

Ok, so Im playing on my smartphone. Someone calls, the call screen appears and I cannot close it untill the guy stops calling. So I take the call and we speak for like 50-60 seconds, then I reopen the app only to see that the game has been lost due to my "dissconecting". I had like 10 minutes unused time..

This is new as far as i know, i understand this measure because all the people who turn off insted of resign but... This is awful. My connection fails a lot (only in lichess), don't know why, it is bad to lose a minute of my time reconnecting, but login again and have lost with time on clock... It is an awful feeling... So, i've mix opinions about this.

I think there isn't a way to differentiate between someone who abandoned the game and someone who is taking a phone call. I have a weak preference for removing "claim victory/draw" since I'm not smart enough to figure out how it should work.

  If you were playing OTB (in a rated competition), you wouldn’t be able to use your phone at all. ;] So just use common sense: are you here to play chess, or talk on the phone? Because you can’t do both.
  Let your friend leave a message, and call him back after the game.

Yeah that's a problem. I usually have the game open in my computer too, so it will not close itself . Because if you only play on the phone, it will counts as disconnect if you close the game .

This is supposed to be a game for fun, not a competition for a prise (which doesn't exists here)!
This site tells me what to do and when. I have 10 min on my clock I ll play as fast as I want - it is my time! You better implement 1 min move or stfu_

I find the last comment a bit insensitive, but I think he is right:

Not all the time you will be able to drag your laptop everywhere and having the
ability to play on your phone is a big plus. If your in a bus or metro or anywhere and
want to pass the time then playing chess on your phone is amazing.
If you have a 10min game and play it then receive a phone call and you lose then that sucks.
Except that I recommend playing casual if you ever do play on your phone or just turn off
all notifications and phone calls if possible to play rated.

Then again, this a recurring problem that doesn't seem to have a fix to it right now.


You are ofc free to go to another site that supports your rules or make your own site with whatever ruleset you want. No one is telling you what to do.

I was thinking of contributing this site in future but I ll re think because of you. A small change will be a huge progress for this site but people like you are stopping the progress . As long as you stay here this site ll go down. I am sorry for rest of the players.