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  3. Users that has deleted their account cant be removed from follower list

Hey, I cant remove a person that I was fallowing, It seems that person delete her account and now I cant remove her from the list of ppl i am following.

Btw, this didnt help:

Hi zaak87,

You can remove any person you are following by going to your "following" page.

Your "following" page is:

And from there, you can unfollow any person you are currently following.

Alternately, to go to your "following" page, go to your account, click on "followers" and then click on "following".

Hope this helps. :)

P.S.: You must be logged in to your account to unfollow people followed by your account.

I know the normal way to stop following users here, but when the user deleted his account, i cant remove him from that list!!!

When you go to that page, you can unfollow even those people who have closed their accounts because their accounts still appear in that list.

But even if I unfollow him, his account still appears in that list!!!, not only that... the title says that i am following 8 players, so it's taking in count that account too!!.