Suggestion: Delete previous moves option in study

When transporting a game into a study chapter, it would be nice to be able to delete all moves before a certain point. For example, I am trying to create some studies for endgames, and when I import a game into the study the endgame might not start until move 60, and I want the chapter to start on that move.

If I right-click on the 60th move, I have the option to "Delete from here", which removes all moves past move 60. The "Delete previous moves" option would allow us to delete all moves BEFORE move 60.

Open board editor,then set up the position you would like to start with.Then click on the right side "Study" and choose your study.It will automatically create the position in a new chapter.Should work :) If you have questions,feel free to ask,however,i might not know everything how it works.
Thanks for the tip, but if the game was 100 moves long and I want to start the study at move 50, I would have 50 moves to enter into manually.

Actually, you would only have to do the first one, @ne0c0rtex , because you can continue making moves on a study (As far as I know).

Nice Suggestion actually; that would be very helpful.

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