I'm not sure if there's a current problem or if this post is going to help but I'm noticing a red "reconnecting" message in the corner of the page constantly as I read the forums (ubuntu 18.04, fully updated, latest chrome, all add-ons disabled). I've got a bash session going with the output of "ping" showing 12ms (I'm near london), every second without fail, which is close enough to the 14 or so reported on the lichess lag page (which is also running continuously on another instance of the browser). I'm on ethernet to a fast fibre connection and I'm very close to the exchange. I have no problems with the browser or with downloading stuff on a vm on the same box etc. I develop on this box which is stable.

I do not have a network problem.

If lichess is reporting one, that is a bug with lichess. There are a lot of reports of people getting bans or losing matches due to disconnections and I'm just wondering if they're also victims of this bug? (I only play correspondence and do puzzles so I wouldn't know if I'd have the same problems as them if I were to play a classical/rapid/etc game. I'm also not sure why I'm getting told it's reconnecting when I'm in a forum).

Same here, I noticed that analysis board and opening explorer pages have similar problem. Linux/Firefox

Same here, although i can play alright and post rather fast.

Linx mint and firefox to date.

Should be better now.

The reason for this is that Niklas and Thibault are working on a separate server to deal with a part of the connections, to take away some load from the main server. But at this point, it's not 100% stable yet, and might need an occasional server restart.

It will not affect playing games though. Connections to games are still handled by the main server (and will be for as long as the secondary server is not completely stable). What does get affected, are analysis and puzzle pages.

I was in commanding position in very recent game but suddenly i was unable to move. It was showing time out. And after 3-4 minutes it was connected but it showed that i left the game so opponent win but that is not true.. please fix the problem.