I am dealing with the "Reconnecting" issue right now also. Can not go to any page without it popping up shortly after (studies, puzzles, forums). This has not happened to me until now, and I have cleared all my cookies, restarted my computer, and updated and restarted my computer, without any improvement. I use Chrome.

Yes,the same thing happening with me right now,when entering Lichess forums and studies.It keeps "Reconnecting"

Yes I am getting "Reconnecting" messages, but they (usually) go away after like 5 seconds.

I've been seeing the red "Reconnecting" for days now. I can't play games (both logged in and logged out) or solve puzzles (I can see the puzzle, but nothing happens when I make a move). I can still send messages, but it keeps saying I have 6 unseen messages after I've read these messages and refreshed the page. I think I've received these 6 messages since the red "Reconnecting" started happening.

I have had reconnects ruin recent games and puzzles on Lichess. The problem was an ad blocking DNS server.

getting the "reconnecting" message in puzzles again... and in the forum, too. let's see if i'll be able to post this...

I've noticed that currently when you click on a piece to move in a puzzle it shows all sorts of crazy illegal squares. This isn't currently happening in games.

Hi, I also experience the problem of being unable to play move in puzzles due to "reconnecting"

BTW lag check on your website:

Is Lichess lagging?
No. And your network is good.

Sever ping 3ms
my ping 34 ms