Rating Deviation/ Confidence Interval

Rating Deviation is a number that controls how much rating you lose/gain after every rated match. It keeps increasing if you don't play rated games for a while. Does anyone know:
1) The rate at which it increases?
2) any way to make it go up faster?

Hi. The rating range is not working anymore. I play against 1100 rating and i am 2700 here ? Thanks for corecting the bug

@carouf Don't use the contact form. Use instead. If you use anything else they will just redirect you there.

@Avinash_Jeevanram The post above already pointed you to the place where you can find more details and if you look at it you'll realize it's pretty complex so there is no simple formula to find out. But basically, besides going up over time if you don't play, it will also go up if you suddenly start to win or lose very consistently.

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