Rage quits and waiting time


Recently I face a higher amount of rage quitters.
(In Anonymous games.)

It seems that there is a defined time limit of 2 minutes.
(So you definitely have to wait 2 minutes until you can claim for a draw or a victory).

For games like 15+15 this is understandable.
I believe this waiting time is just to avoid that people with connection issues
will lose the game.

However, I think 2 minutes waiting time for games like 3+2 is too much.
If someone really has a bad Internet connection, s/he must choose something different than 3+2.
It's neither my fault if my opponent's Internet is bad, nor is it their fault if mine is bad.

In my opinion there should be an updated waiting time table.
For example something like:
120 seconds for Classical
60 seconds for Rapid
30 seconds for Blitz
15 seconds for Bullet

To avoid missunderstandings:
I'm not speaking about the "thinking time".
I'm speaking about the time when your opponent leaves the game (gray icon instead of green)
and you have to wait for nothing.

And yes, sometimes I have connection problems too, but I can't remember that a reconnect took 2 minutes...
Most times it took less than 10 seconds.

Best regards

Sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about.

when people get fustrated they ofthen spam the add time button +15 sec it happened to me when i played anonymous but as registered it was the first time ever. also if you play very slow in blitz or rapid anonymous players will ofthen do that. adding +15 sec spamming !

actually when anonymous guys leave the game and dont resign is for you to be fustrated they are not angry they want to kinda take your time and they r want you to feel unconfortabl.

I don't get why your opponent "spamming" the "+15 sec" button is an issue, it only adds time to your clock, not their clock.

And it doesn't have anything to do with the topic issue.
If he leaves, he can't give you extra time anyway.

#1 "I'm speaking about the time when your opponent leaves the game (gray icon instead of green)"

That doesn't mean your opponent has left the game. It means their internet connection is unstable.

@Toadofsky it means both. It can be that they shut down the tab or window game is in. Or they are temporarily cut off from lichess

No, the "Claim victory" button means the opponent has left the game. That icon doesn't mean the opponent has left the game.