Rage quits and waiting time

ahh ok but the claim victory button will only appear after the grey icon has been on for a certain amount of time

if it stays green it just means they've left tab open and you have to wait the full amount of time till they lose due to time out

#11 Also incorrect, sometimes they appear at the same time.

@Toadofsky how does lichess decide you left the game then?

i've only ever seen the left game claim victory button appear after a long period of grey marker

whenever it has stayed green i've had to wait till they time out

@Toadofsky now im sure you that happily answers all questions

but just for the sake of all us laymen out here could you please point out the pertinent bits

and then maybe say, go on to explain what it all means? please

Closing the browser tab sends a disconnect signal, but if you really want your opponent to suffer for an entire 2 minutes don't do that (but instead leave the browser tab open).

Hopefully nobody exploits this information.

If I claim after 2 minutes, does my opponent get warned for ragequitting or do I have to wait the full time?

If the "Claim draw/victory" messages comes, it's possible that the opponent returns.
He either had huge Internet problems (which took 2 minutes) or he simply closed his tab or minimized the app.

If it's a green icon because he's a smart lamer and doesn't close anything, I can live with the waiting.
However, in some cases it's so obvious that he leaves the game (gray icon) that there is no need to wait 2 minutes.

There is clearly a logic defined that if the gray icon stays for 2 minutes, you can claim for draw or victory.
I think there is no need that we specifically discuss this logic.
(When it's gray, when it's green etc.)
I'm just saying that this time limit (2 min) should be alligned to the overall time.
As I said, waiting time of 2 minutes for 3+2 is not needed!

What is strange that sometimes they rage quit and the Claim victory/draw message appears immediatelly (maybe 2 sec later).
Problably this is because they started a new game?
I'm still talking about anonymous games.

I don't know how it is for registered players, but for anonymous games I think there is no warning.
Furthermore, if he really leaves the game, he will never get a warning anyway.
You don't have to wait once you see the message.
As soon as you claim, the game is over.
(Either a draw or a victory - depending on your choice).

Unfortunately, as pointed out many times by the moderators + Lichess team, no action of real consequence can be taken against anonymous players. If one is concerned/annoyed about this issue my advice to them is to limit their play against anonymous players as much as possible. After all, there are thousands of registered players on Lichess (all levels, skills etc) + registration is free anyway... :)

#18 "However, in some cases it's so obvious that he leaves the game (gray icon) that there is no need to wait 2 minutes."

Yeah, like if Black disconnected in this hopelessly lost... oops, wait, you won this, didn't you?

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