Placement Chess Varient

Please, Please consider the following variant.

Placement Chess:

Each player uses the first 8 moves placing pieces on the first rank. After the setups are complete white moves first following standard fischer random rules.

I have been waiting and wishing for this variant online for ages. It was the original idea of GM Bronstein and what inspired Fischer to create his random version.
Would be a nice addition alongside Hostage Chess. :)
I agree with #1 and #2
From what I know, S Chess could be the most likely, and Bug house is probably the most suggested.

My top suggestions would be:

Infiltration Chess: If white gets any piece to e8/d8 it is considered checkmate, or if black gets any piece to e1/d1 it is considered checkmate.

Extinction Chess: fairly common and mentioned in

Capture All: The King is a non royal piece, capture all opposing units to win.

Non-Prise Chess: Only Kings and Pawns may capture Queens, Rooks, Bishops, and Knights.

Relay Chess: Pieces (including the King, but not pawns), in addition to their natural powers, inherit movement from the natural powers of any piece which currently protects them.

No, all these suggestions are terrible. Placement Chess is the only variant worth player can for example choose to play the classic set up. It is a logical evolution of the game, not a childish variant that has zero chance of ever becoming the official next step for chess.
I think its somewhat odd of you to say that " Placement Chess is the only variant worth playing..."

It seems odd to think that in order for a popular variant to be considered, that it would need to have a chance of becoming " the official next step for chess." S-Chess could be that, and BugHouse is a very fun variant that many people enjoy regardless of if it would ever become "the official next step for chess."

games like S Chess and musketeer chess seem like pretty logical next steps, as well as placement chess, perhaps even a mix.

There is also Screen Chess: You and your opponent cannot see each other place down your army, you take the first 16 moves setting up your pieces anywhere on your half of the board, a pawn must be in every file to start. The two halves are revealed and the game starts.
Screen Chess in particular is something I'd *love* to be able to play on Lichess~ Currently the only site that I know of that I can play it on is BrainKing; that's where I discovered it. BrainKing doesn't really support real time controls to anywhere close to the degree that Lichess does though; and also doesn't have nearly as big of a base of players specifically looking to play chess as Lichess does. There's a few rules for Screen Chess that MTT forgot to mention (at least going by BrainKing's ruleset): pawns cannot start on the 1st rank, bishops must be on opposite color squares, no castling, no en-passant captures; and as MTT mentioned, there must be one pawn per file. To further clarify; your opponent's half of the board is only revealed to you once both you and your opponent have both each fully set up your own halves of the board and confirmed (locked in) your starting positions.

Rather than spend 16 turns setting up, I personally think it would be better to have the entire set-up phase effectively be a 'turn zero' to allow each player to set up their half of the field in one sitting + train of thought; and turn 1 begins only once both players have fully set up their side of field and confirmed their decisions. To speed things up, it would be nice to have a position editor to create and save positions to be able to quickly load when entering a game of Screen Chess; since you can't see the opponent's side of the board during the set-up phase anyway.
ok, its odd that people would hi jack my thread but well that is chess players for you.

Placement chess is the logical next progression in chess because it keeps the game basically the same and we can still develop theory of best tabiyas. Screen chess is cool but I would rather see an actual opening phase as well as the debate about the best starting formations.
Lichess staff has been quite reluctant the last year in regards to hinting next variant to be added to this site.

In the podcast it was said only 1 out of 1,000 has played racing king, of the broad community.

Variant with unorthodox pieces is what many (including me) is hoping for.

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