Password Recover .

How should I recover my Password ?

I've write it correctly and I can't log in .. how should I suppose to recover it ? No mail recover ..
I think there's currently no way to recover a password, and no convenient way to generate a new one. With some effort it should be possible to generate one, but it's not certain that you would be able to prove you are the same person, and in any case the one man who could do that is away and won't be back for at least a few days, and there's no guarantee that he'd agree to it. :/
Its not a big loss bro, just makeanother one.
and remember to write your PW down, also type it in carefully, i once couldnt use anaccount because i made a type while chosing a password.
There is a "Change password" link on your profile, once you're logged in, to maintain it to something you can remember, but once you've forgotten it and are not logged into your account...well, you're pretty much fucked.

If you don't want to create another account, I understand. thibault is the guy around here to ask. He's on vacation, but when he pops in next to see a private message if you can show him proof that you are (or were) the owner of that account you forgot the pass to, he'll reset it to something you can remember.
He could ask of one of my PGN ... if it is a server to remeber it :)) . I often play on but I like this much more , it was speed , flexibility , even less resources to consume , much faster , preaty look :)) .. anyway , if someone want's tu ask me on of my games .. here.. if it's registrated any.. I could help ..
(sorry about the keyboard)
You should message thibault personally at this time, as he is on vacation for a month to Iceland and probably will not have time to check the forum. He will have a better chance of reading your request if you e-mail him or drop a message by to his Inbox.

As for proving it's you, come to think about it, I think he'll be able to see your IP address, and compare that to the account you claim to be you, so no worries.
It seems there is now an option to reset your password. On the login screen, there is a link "Reset password". When using that, the system will send you an email to the email address that you can provide when editing your profile (Your profile -> Edit profile -> Change email).

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