new lobby system not acknowledging my point spread

@ #2: You do realize that making lobby seeks that match a pool time automatically go into the pool just ruined the website and the rating system, right? Without a separate rating system for the pools? Yup.

Dumbest thing ever. You guys totally ruined this place. Why on EARTH would you go and fix something that isn't broken in the least?

How can you think this is funny? Like really, did you guys do this as a joke? I just can't believe that the same brilliance that made this place great just went and destroyed it like this.

I'm sitting in seeks for a 2+1 for 5+ min now with no hits. Prior to the "new system", I never waited more than a few seconds. This really is the worst decision I have ever seen a website make. Again, whichever member of the dev team thought this was a good idea, has to go. He's either stupid or trolling.
Dude, the joke's on Lichess, not me. I didn't have anything to do with putting this absolutely ridiculous system in place. I'm not stupid.

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