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  3. Love Lichess Puzzles but have a gripe -((

I enjoy the chess puzzles on Lichess but have two criticisms - Sometimes there is an alternative solution to the puzzle which would work as well - and sometimes better - than the puzzle solution but is marked down as incorrect - puzzle 61385 for example - QC7 would work equally as well as the puzzle solution - it has the same idea - another criticism is that if you find the first two"correct" moves in the puzzle and then choose an inferior - yet still winning move - it marks the puzzle as incorrect in the same way as if you got the whole thing wrong - Love the Site - improvements to this irritation would make it even better than its already excellent status

@HarrySoul If you play Qc7 white can play Rf7! If you find a puzzle you dislike, you can always downvote it.

@seanysean Accept you can down vote it but that doesn't solve anything - as I said before the site is excellent but there are areas for improvement - and thanks for pointing out what I missed in that puzzle -))

After you solve a puzzle, turn on the lichess engine and look through lines, your Qc7 is refuted by Rf7. Seriously, saying some puzzle is wrong without consulting an engine? By the way, all puzzles you are presented with only have one solution.

maybe in that puzzle
but there are some that have more than one way to mate
i lost to one when i mated it in one move faster than the way it said was correct

and there are others where there are many guaranteed ways to win soon
demanding that you choose the preferred way is not useful

a win is a win is a win whether 3 moves or 4
even more so for mates

@DVRazor - @oldegeezer reinforces the point I was making - all the puzzles presented have only 1 "acceptable to the composer" solution but quite a few have alternative solutions - The fact that I chose a poor example doesn't change that fact


the worst is when there are multiple squares you can move the queen to to inflict the mate

or when there are two pieces that can do the mate

as well as move x then y to mate or move y then x to mate

and dont pay no nevermind to the fact that mate in 3 is mate
so why does only mate in 2 get credit ?

any winning move should score as a win for the problem

So come on Lichess how about a review and resolution to this fault

Do you have examples? I haven't yet seen a puzzle like you describe. I've seen a few that I *thought* were like you describe, but then I found my mistake by reviewing it with the computer.

Do you have any examples where you've actually checked your ideas?

I've seen some of these where there are several ways to mate in daily puzzles, and trying to go down one of the inferior lines (aka slower but still forced mate) have been met with the move being unmade and a message saying something like; that's a good move, but here's a better one -- puzzle _not_ failing.

Not sure if this happens in the actual training mode (IMO it should if it doesn't) or if it even exists still, but definitely it has been that way in dailies.

Anyways, the task is "Find the _best_ move", not find a good one

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