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  3. Letting Time Run Out

So my opponent, "bespinel" blundered and then disappeared without resigning - quite a common occurrence.

When his time ran out, a message came up in the chat warning him that this behaviour will result in a temporary ban.

What is the point in telling someone who isn't there that they will get punished? I hope that there is an automated message sent to stop ungentlemanly behaviour, as well as a message that only I got to see... otherwise it is a bit bizarre.


Not sure what RAR means #2!


I had this same exact thought.

I know before this new implementation that users would receive a PM from lichess saying that; but now that it happens in game I dont think they do.

"What is the point in telling someone who isn't there that they will get punished?"

What is the point in telling a rule-breaker not to break rules? Seems easier to immediately ban everyone on their first offense, even when it's Comcast's fault.

#5 I don't think you get it.

If the person has left already, a message in the chat telling them they will be punished isn't even seen by them.

The point is to let the victim know that the offender will be punished. So the victim doesn't come complaining in the forum, assuming they got away with it.

@ NM venturaMF did this to me and he never got a temporary ban announcement

What was just said about banning everyone in their first offense?

I just got this message for letting the time run out but I wasn't being rude. I just ran out of time while thinking while in a tough spot. I think they need to work on the algorithm a bit.

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