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  3. Irritable atmosphere in tournament chat

Can we do something to make the tournament chat rooms somewhat less unpleasant? It must be possible to implement some social nudging in the design, suggesting a more friendly general atmosphere.

I am thinking about manifacturing a culture change to reduce trolling, calling out, venting frustration -- although admittedly I think there should definitely be room for some trolling, some calling out, and some venting... but not exclusively, right? So they would become subtopics rather than the main/only topics in the chat.

Now I don't know much about this topic so I don't have any concrete proposals, and it is perhaps more of a social issue than a technical one, but I do believe it's an area for improvement. Thanks all.

There was a note from Thibault the other day ...

> "I'm closer to removing the one on the site than to adding one on the app."

I got hammered the other day for "public shaming" -- I got a "final warning" -- first and last. (I've been given a time-out before for other things, but, not this. Point being: I agree with the zero tolerance policy.)

For context and perspective, there are some issues I posted about the other day ...

Another issue is management thereabouts ... that is, moderators around to police individual tournaments, etc. (As the site grows in popularity, so do the problems...)

All of that said, this feedback kind of pushes the point on eliminating tournament chat altogether. And, technically speaking (i.e. implementation time and effort), having "sub-topics" to chats in a tournament chat isn't worth the effort.

One of those lessons I absorbed a number of years ago: "If it can be abused [or, manipulated], it will be." -- And that's what it boils down to in this case. Even if measures were implemented, things like "social nudging," people would circumvent. Moderators who can give someone a time-out would give preferential treatment to friends, etc. (Standard social convention versus social nudging.) The issues are ultimately unavoidable.

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