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  3. Tournament chat roon on the app.

Hi Lichess...

First of all, thank you lichess for the great job that you are doing. I don't have the righ to ask for anything, but anyways I'd like to suggest something.

Would It be possible to include the tournament chat room feature on the app?
Sometimes I play private tournaments with friends and people who are playing from the app get excluded from the conversation.

Thank you lichess.

I'm closer to removing the one on the site than to adding one on the app.

I understand...sometimes the chat may be full of nonsense conversations, but my request would be to include the chat in private tournaments at least.

I think that is a very good idea. I have only very rarely seen anything on the tournament chat that was both pertinent to the tournament and constructive. However, if you decide to keep the chat, I have noticed that, even if I have un-checked the chat box, when I begin my game the chat appears again until I change it to the standings.

I would love for the tournament chat to be present in the app and maybe a quick button to bring you back to the tournament that you were just in. Because if I leave the tournament and try to get back. I have to scramble to find the link when it's be easier to just have back to tournament button. Thanks a million for listening!!!

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