Inbox just lost all messages in update

How can I write a personal message that looks like this one.

keep in mind that the "Enter" key doesn't work, because using it sends away the message directly.

Try to use shift and enter maybe? That's the usual procedure

Shift + enter works indeed in the window when I create the message.
But when I send the message away, then the message will be shown as if I had written it in 1 line. See picture.

I copied and pasted the text shown in #12 in the text window and send it away.
All formatting got lost.
But this was already mentioned by a few other people who posted earlier in this topic.

Guys where is the problem? Just get their phone number, write whatever you want to write in here, take a picture of the screen, and send them the photo. Problem solved.


Given these issues, is it possible to roll back this change temporarily until everything (Pagination, the formatting issues, etc) is figured out?

That would:
1) allow those of us who lost access to messages we *really* don’t want to lose to do something about them.
2) Alleviate these other issues listed
3) Allow for a smoother rollout of the new functionality when fixed

@Thetacticbot1234 the messages aren't lost they just aren't being displayed yet. thibault said he's adding pagination which means they will be back soon.

Does anybody care about the following problem ?

Everybody can see the "send out button" in the lower right corner of the message box.

I still have the problem that the "Enter key" on my keyboard when I use my laptop and the "Return button" when I use my IPad have the same functionality of the "send out button".

This means that I can't use both keys while I write a message in the "message box", because this would send out the message before I have finished it.

I have learned that I can use alternatively a combination of two keys when I work on my laptop. Shift + Enter

With this two key combination I can jump from the end from one sentence to the beginning of the next line. Text formatting is possible as usual, but it is quiet annoying.

At my iPad this trick doesn't work because it is not possible to use a two key combination on a touchscreen.

This means that I can only write a very long sentence without any formatting on my IPad.

Just wanted to say it again and hope that Lichess fixes this problem somehow.

Edit: I just found this video on YouTube. Difference between Enter vs. Shift-Enter

When I write here in the forum, this video is not true. Enter and Shift-Enter have the same result.
Both start a new line and not a new paragraph as stated in the video.

By the way, is there a Shift-Enter key at an IPad?

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