Inbox just lost all messages in update

I’m hoping that this is a refresh issue and that all messages will be restored...but as of right now I’ve lost every inbox thread except the most recent.

Is this a known issue, and is there any way to recover my messages?

All your messages with the same person have been merged into a single thread. No messages were lost.

Oh good. It’s only showing the last 24 hours or so at the moment. Maybe it’s still populating?

Did you have tons of messages with that person? At the moment the inbox only loads the 100 most recent messages. I'll add pagination later.

Yes, several messages per day each day.

So, the pagination, when added, will allow access to *cough*probably several thousand messages*cough*?

If I can get access to the messages for even a day I’ll archive all of them.

  I see it’s now presented more like an SMS conversation than traditional email exchange. Cool!
  Alas, the structure of paragraphs has been lost. :( All the paragraphs in a given message now appear merged into one massive block of text, with no indentations, pilcrow signs, or anything else to indicate where the line breaks used to be. This decreases legibility, and — in some cases — produces nonsense strings of text. ;(
  Likewise, subject headings are missing completely. It would be good if these could be inserted between conversation bubbles, perhaps under the date.
  Those two things aside, the new interface is very sleek. Nice work, sir. :)

I second the recommendation to add subject headings, if at all possible.

Agree with @pawnedge. I also have lots of messages that were readable with line breaks, vertical lists of bullet points and formatting as they were originally sent.

But now look like very long incomprehensible sentences. Hard to read and understand.

It would be good if past messages could retain the formatting they were originally sent with

i opened Lichess on my IPad, using Safari

It is not possible to open an existing message.
It is not possible to write a new message.

I see a list of all my existing messages on the left side. When I click on one of them,
I see a big window on the right side and a rotating circle in different colors.
But the message doesn't open.

I see almost the same screen when I want to write a new message.
But I can't write anything in the big window.

Edit: I should have mentioned that my IPad is an old one. I can only update to IOS 10.3
I tried to download the Lichess app. But this app requires IOS 11

Now i use my Laptop. Now i can open my old messages.

But it seems that it is no longer possible to write a structured message, because you can't use the "Enter" key.

If you use the "Enter"-key then you directly send away the message.

You can only write a long sentence. The system decides when it wants to jump to the next line.

It seems not to be possible to write a simple structure like this one:

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

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