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  3. Ignore command for chats of tournaments

Dear all,

As the name of the topic states, this topic aims to explain why I think that an ignore command for tournaments' chats would be a great feature for Lichess.

I am well aware that we can hide the chat, but this command is different. It would simply allow any user to ignore (not see) the messages from any other(s) user(s) in a given chat.
Now if you block an user from sending you private messages you will still be able to see his messages in a tournament.

This command would especially be useful for trolls who enjoy insulting, spamming etc... Of course any player might not be interested in a conversation and will find a use in this command.

I understand that Lichess' staff probably has more urgent things to do. However, there have been some players in antichess who enjoy insulting everyone during several minutes and since they use VPN they can avoid the IP ban. Some of them have made dozens of accounts. Thanks to lichess moderators each of their account gets banned however they still have time to insult everyone for too many minutes. Here is one of too many examples we have:

Not to mention that an "ignore" command is a basic command of any chat, I don't think it will be difficult to implant on this site. It could be similar to a personal timeouts command.

Thank you for reading,

It really is true what you mention Nico, it is annoying that players insult someone this button to ignore us faciitara to all ignore that person with a single click I am in favor of your friend idea

I'll attempt to improve this (although it sounds computationally expensive to determine who-blocked-who every time someone types a message, so it wouldn't surprise me if Lichess rejects the feature):

"Now if you block an user from sending you private messages you will still be able to see his messages in a tournament."

This is definitely a good idea. Why not make it so when you block someone you can't see what they're saying in all of the chats?

Yeah, at least having the blocking feature acting as an "ignore feature" in the tourneys would be good enough.

I totally agree.

That would be a useful feature.

that's a good point, I agree

Totally agree

Good point, I agree with it.

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