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  3. Ignore command for chats of tournaments

Yep, great idea.

I fully support this idea and support TheBigNico in becoming even bigger (perhaps TheGargantuanNico soon?)!

@FischyVishy Thanks for your support, I was thinking to reach he state of "TheMassiveNico" soon; but I really appreciate "TheGagantuanNico".
One should not restrain himself because it is never too big.

My head exploded trying to figure out how using code to filter chat using your blocked player list.

@Toadofsky First of all thank you for your time.

I am not a coder, but I think we don't see it in the same way.
My original thoughts, were that it would be similar to a "personal timeout" command. However it could mean changing the code of chats themselves., which would be too complicated.

However there is already a similar process, with the "block a user" command. The difference between those two commands, would be that one is for personal messages and the other for messages in a chat. I didn't think that there would be a need for a new list.

Again i have no knowledge in coding, but it was just my way of perceiving the command. I hope I could help you in any way :)

@TheBigNico Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately adding such a "personal timeout" would be even more complicated:

* If it's coded server-side, it's no simpler than using the block list
* If it's coded client-side, it needs to work on all devices and needs to work even if the user refreshes the page.

Yeah,it would be a useful feature,anyways in antichess tournaments people are sometimes insulting each other, know :).Thanks @Toadofsky for trying to make this feature possible.Hopefully,it is going to be soon in lichess,will it be?

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