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  3. I can not send a private message.

I can not send a private message.

I send a message to a person, but it does not come to him.
I did not post to the window where all the messages are stored, after clicking the "send" button I get there and there is not my message that I just sent.
What is the problem? What happened?

Hey, anybody?
I must send invitations to the tournament to people, and personal messages do not work!

Try sending me a PM. Once you've sent it, post here and I'll look to see if I got it, and we can go from there.

It seems I could send PM.
How now to make sure that when I send people an invitation to the tournament, I was not blocked?

Also, you may be trying to send messages to people who don't accept them. For example, thibault doesn't accept PMs, (for obvious reasons) and many other people are the same way.

@SIowpok was it the same message multiple times?

If so, the spam filters probably nabbed it.

Of course, I know that it isn't spam, and lichess probably would agree, but the server automatically blocks duplicate messages, I'm pretty sure.

Yes, it was the same message. But I only sent it to my friends, whom we constantly play together. I did not send a message to people I do not know.

How can I avoid blocking in the future?
Does the unblocking happen automatically or should you ask the moderators?

We should probably get a mod on this, but it appears to me that if you know the people that you're sending these messages to and you're sure that they don't mind, change the message for each person (include their username, for example).

Again, it would be best to get a mod's opinion. My word doesn't really carry any weight; it's just what makes sense to me.

I agree with you!

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