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  3. Draw rules
I thought there was no limit on number of moves in chess? I'm obviously not playing seriously here but it's not drawn by 50 move rule or threefold repetition but it's somehow a draw?

When did you want to stop that „rated” game?

Only a jerk would play it like you did. Hope you quit chess asap forever.

The way you play revolts me. Finish it quick by mating them, perhaps staircase. There is no reason to drag it out to 200 moves and slowly win, all the while saying "Haha, you're lost." Do you have to respect for other players, regardless if they are your friend? I personally limit the taunting to mating w/ K + R vs K. The way you played it is disgusting. You even admit that you weren't playing seriously? Please give your opponents some respect. The fact that it was classical clearly shows you were wasting your opponents time.

* I thought there was no limit on number of moves in chess?

So, now you know! There is a limit on this bullshit on lichess, which is 300 moves. Every day you learn something :)

Draw by trolling.

Too far. Your opponent was low rated too, which makes it worse in my opinion because beginners are told to never resign often times. idk, it's a little rude. Sometimes if opponents who are higher rated refuse to resign, I could see you drawing it out a little, but not to 300 moves.

I understand to some degree I'm being a jerk BUT my opponent could have ended the game at any time.

@winstonsmithamm "my opponent could have ended the game at any time". You could have ended it at any time as well, by checkmating them. What were you trying to achieve in this game?

#1 Thanks for your feedback.

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