corr. chess tournaments missing

I see no corr. chess tournaments at all on lichess... has hundreds of them (to join, to create for premium members, with a really impressing list of options - e. g. avg. move speed of participants, vacation/no vacation/min. games played etc. etc.), Gameknot has dozens of mini-tournaments and even has them

It is clear that corr. chess makes less then 5 % of the games played, but if you want to be a major player, you should offer the full package. That lichess says, we cannot check for fair play in corr.chess, is no problem - corr. chess runs with this approach since years here and it runs well, it has less cheaters then other sites.

And apart from tourneys, if you want to take corr. chess more serious, there are 2 major functions missing:
1)opponent has played at least .... games (otherwise I must always abort dozens of games vs. opponents with no existing track record)
2)opponent average move speed
As for why there is no official Lichess correspondence arenas, I think it is because, as sad as it is, not enough people want them. Hope that answers your question. I would recommend those two teams, though. They are erally well run and fun!
and? Is there a rule saying that a topic can be touched only once in 5 years?

I posted on the same topic and with my own suggestions and ideas and I do not care what was posted before on this.

And as you can see from - where hundreds of daily ( term for corr. chess) chess tournaments with 20 - 100 participants are on the start: there is a demand for it.
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If I have a look at the daily (=corr.) chess tournament page of, I see only on the first page more then 1000 people subscribed to upcoming tournaments.

And there are more then 30 pages with upcoming daily (!) tourneys, each page with 20 daily tournaments.

So nobody can say that there is no demand for it. I guess corr. tourneys are even more popular then single corr. games.

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