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So yeah I'm new here and everything, so far lichess seems really great. I checked out the clubs, and that seems to be the main place with things lacking (in my opinion, but I always loved clubs).
So I was wondering, could lichess update private clubs so the forums and notes are also private? Or make it so you choose what's private and what's not?
Also it would be cool to have a live chat feature, like a chat room. And you could make multiple chats and name them, and the admins could kick and mute people from the chat. And you could make certain chat rooms that were private (they'd have to request to join it or get an invitation).

People can already be timed out for a while from chat by admins. Authors of studies can also do that. Users can also be reported via their userpage. Regular trolls can get shadowbanned.

People regulary request private clubs, chats, etc, but in my opinion it is against the philosophy of Lichess.

The OP is a leading member of the 2Q1C wannabes team. (Those who love 2Q1C is their motto.)
LOL. The team bent on trolling chesscom. Nice try Fennifer, but it's an entirely different philosophy at lichess. Your buddies are shadow-banned. Why would mod's want to spent their time kicking and muting people from chat rooms? We have for that.

Forums are for discussions, hopefully relevant to chess unless they are off topic where things remain quite civil. You're extremely well known at CC, with friends calling for your return after numerous times being banned. Maybe your efforts are better focused there?

What do you mean leading member? I joined pretty much because a good amount of my friends are there.
Anyway, even if they are I'm not. What do you mean by a different philosophy? I think it would be nice to get some privacy. Maybe mods could still check up on them, but the clubs seem sort of useless if you can't hide any activity. does ban for very small offenses or none at all, so being banned doesn't say a lot about someone.

Didn't see the edits.
Yeah, I had contacted support about it but they didn't give me an explanation. I was hoping I could join lichess and make one club similar to a one at that I really liked, but it won't work the same way.

And on a side note I just wanna say that the first time was an accident, me and my sister were banned because they thought we were double accounting.
The second time I still don't know. I had asked a mod but he wasn't sure, he had heard that it was for associating with trouble makers and double accounting.
I hadn't made any double accounts or had any siblings join, so I don't know why they said that.
As for associating with troublemakers, that breaks no rules. I even had a membership a good friend of mine had gifted to me.

You ask what is the different Philosophy? I cant's speak for lichess but can offer an observation. lichess provides a service for people to play chess, learn, study, record chess games etc. Naturally, friendships and social interaction follows.
But, and this is the difference, it is not a social media site, a place for idle chit-chat, trolling, creating discourse and general mayhem. The "facebook" of chess sites is CC. They encourage endless bickering, it pays the bills by keeping advertisers happy (none here) with the constant clicks.
Hope that helps to explain a bit.
(You can save the explanations for CC. They are of no import in this thread). You suggested chat rooms and private clubs. Teams exist. But their interests are primarily in playing chess, not idle chat.
This group is primarily for those who loved 2Q1C and would want to see his return.

Just about sums it up.

This subject is far too important for me, i better quit now. *unsubscribing*

Yep. Done with.

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