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2Q1C Wannabes TEAM

Just a bunch of people from

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  1. A new discord darthion

    there was already one

  2. A new discord NeverBeenTimid

  3. A new discord NeverBeenTimid

    I have created a new discord for anyone that wants to join. It is a discord that isn't owned by a chess server. A place for friends to chat and have a laugh and discuss things other than chess. Join i

  4. The Real Identity of 2Q1c Rubbertoe

    Really??????? What??????? You are truly all-knowing, sir. I bow down to you.

  5. The Real Identity of 2Q1c DanielDark


  6. The Real Identity of 2Q1c DynamoAlchemyst

    Cannot reveal at this point in time.

  7. The Real Identity of 2Q1c henryliu2009

    who is it?

  8. The Real Identity of 2Q1c DynamoAlchemyst

    The real identity of 2Q1C is known by me and the only clue I shall give is that he is actually a member of this forum itself!

  9. yo. Rubbertoe

    Yeah, at one point in life, swearing seems cool. It’ll pass eventually.

  10. yo. superman010101

    what can i say, my personality changes like the wind

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