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  3. Chess960 starting position 518 is like regular chess

Please make it so starting position is never the starting position.

2am, I can't write a complete sentence.
Please make it so the starting position for chess960 isn't the normal starting position.

That would make it chess959 D:

But honestly, I think the starting position should be allowed in chess960, as it does follow all of the rules for the placement of chess960.

It's only <1% you'd get it, so it's not that much to worry about.

i think they should keep the regular position, thats part of thrill of the whole variant imo

It happened today again. It caught me by surprise again and threw my opening completely out of whack.
Please, do something about this.

#4: Nothing to worry about my foot.

Oops, forgot to post a link to the game:

Be weary of start position: 518.

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