Chat between player and spectators

Hi, I think it would be a good idea to implement the chat between player and spectators during a game. Up to now chat between player and chat between spectators is separated. Thanks, Michael

Err, this could lead to a conflict with the rule, that the player must not use any external source of information during the game.

And then all the kids would be shouting their suggestions for the next move

Obviously spectators being able to write to the players would be terrible, however the other way around it is possible: As player write "/w ..." to say something to the chat. You can see the chat font getting green when /w is in front, indicating that (only) the spectators will be able to read it.

@Chessty_McBiggins Maybe because the spectators might be curious what the player is thinking? I e.g. used to play the lichess 4545 league ( ) which is a team event so often players from the two teams and/or other people would be watching and discussing the game in chat. So for them it certainly is also interesting to hear the players view. (a typical chat in such a game might look like this (EDIT: is there a way to not have it embed the board, as the relevant part is the chat, not the game itself): )

Commenting own game in written form
1st) is not chatting
2nd) but is kind of cheating. Think of a player writing "Note to myself, don't forget the knightfork on f3?" AFAIK, OTB it is forbidden to make notes for oneself.

@sheckley666 You don't make notes to yourself like that though. If you write to the spectators, only they can see, not the players.