can a mod help me?

i cant seem to remove or appoint leaders in my team what is going on??

and ive tryed this on other teams im leader of and it works just fine btw

Why can t I play rated games I haven't been cheating

#5 First of all, this thread regarding team leaders has nothing to do with your question.
And you dont have to pretend that you didnt cheat, look at your first games: Horrible Blunders, missing easy Checkmates, your rating instantaniously drops to 1100, then all of a sudden you play very well chess with rarely any Mistakes in your games. Your ban most definetly wont be lifted.

Ive been playing on chess 24 and chess .com and came back to this and I have took classes as well.

Can I just make a new account or will it be banned too.

@Carlos_L no. your case is too obvious. Too many matchings with engine moves, too constant rhythms. Don't come with the common excuses. And yes you also derailed someone else's thread instead of making your own.