Bughouse (team up with a friend)

Can lichess create a new feature that would let you and a friend play bughouse against another duo of friends? No offering draws or that would mess things up, and a chat between teammates to make requests for pieces. Also there should be an anti stalling feature that would make you make your move in, for example, one minute. This would be really cool.
+1 for bughouse, although the lichess team has said they're only able to consider 1v1 variants for code reasons.
+1 for bughouse as well, although it seems difficult to integrate.

"Please don't ask me for bughouse. Lichess is a game for one board and two players. Now, someone should totally build a new bughouse website/app. It's impossible to integrate into lichess because it's radically unlike chess, structurally speaking."
#1 In addition to #3 and #5, sitting (what you call "stalling") is part of bughouse and you won't find any server which prevents it.
Yes,Bughouse demands made of other resources ... There are more complex options Crazyhouse - CrazyWar for example for Lichess it's impossible...
plus it's generally played with little time on the clock, so a 1 minute move limit wouldn't affect stalling usually

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