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  3. [Bug] Forum of Freddy11

I'm here to report a big bug!
I was watching at the profile of Freddy11 and I saw that he created a new topic in the forum. I wanted to read his whole problem but there came an error PAGE 404 not found? Please help me I don't understand it at all why this page was shown!

I hope for an answer, best wishes!

404 Not Found means the content (page) does not exist.

I guess someone or something deleted it?

@FreddytheCrusher I think it means that he/she is chatbanned. Or like @Toadofsky said maybe a mod deleted it.

Freddy11 posted in THIS forum if I click on his profile but why dont I see him answer here?

why dont I see his message?

Actually this happens if one is muted. Normally this happens as appreciation of one‘s merits and in response to „special contributions“ in this forum resp. in the chat.

But I don't really understand why he didn't get a message so far that he is chatbanned and he told me that he didn't say anything wrong. Please let him chat again or say me what he has done?

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