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  3. Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953, David Bronstein

I was looking for the book of the Zurich International Chess Tournament.
So far I only found editions with the old algebraic notation i.e. 1. d2-d4 d7-d5....

I know it's a small issue but are there any editions of this book with the modern algebraic notation i.e. 1. d4 d5 ?

I just really prefer reading the modern notation and feel it easier to focus on the content and not the notation itself.

there is a 2 hour youtube video about that tournament

The edition by Dover Books is algebraic. ISBN 0486238008

Thanks for the exact ISBN, tpr!

But it is still long algebraic. This is the first result on Amazon when googling the book and using Amazon's preview feature - you can clearly see it is long algebraic (or some variant of long algebraic as captures are denoted by : and not by x, but that's really splitting hairs).

Am I looking at something else here? (The ISBN code is the same you posted) Or did you misunderstood my question - looking for algebraic instead of long algebraic

@vio7 thx, this is awesome!